Renaming the module

Follow the following steps if you wish to change the module name inside a whisk project. The module name is used when importing and when packaging the model:

from <module name>.models.model import Model
model = Model()

If you’d like to change the directory name associated with the project, see the Renaming the project directory guide.

1. Update

In the project’s file, update the setup function’s name argument and the cli command:

-    name='<old module name>',
+    name='<new module name>',
        'console_scripts': [
-            '<old module name>=<old module name>.cli.main:cli',
+            '<new module name>=<new module name>.cli.main:cli',

2. Update the src/ directory

Rename the src/<module name> directory:

mv src/<old module name> src/<new module name>

3. Find and replace the project name in project files

In your project files, find and replace <old module name>. with <new module name>.

4. Re-install the package

Type the following to re-install the package in editable mode:

pip install -e .

5. Run tests

Run both pytest and tox to ensure all tests pass with the new project name.

Extra considerations


If your project is using DVC, you may need to run dvc move to update the paths of files tracked with DVC.